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Betmonarch App – New Programming Interface Brings Online Sports Betting to the State of Colorado

Mobile sports betting is very popular in Colorado. As more casinos partner with mobile sports books, more people have access to sports betting options. You can bet on college and pro sports from anywhere within CO state borders using your smartphone, laptop or desktop PC, and even from inside the state lines with your smart phone, tablet or laptop. In addition, many people are enjoying their daily dose of online gambling content via the internet, which makes sports betting even more exciting and accessible to so many locations and demographics.

When people think about sports betting, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the sports books themselves. However, there are so many other things you can bet on besides the ball and the pocket ball. The point spread is just one of the many odds, you will encounter when betting on sports. Different people place different odds on different events and there are a lot of variables you can take into account before making a wager. So, it’s really a matter of your comfort zone when it comes to betting on sports.

Coloradoans have given the country a lot to smile about lately thanks to their acceptance of the recreational use of marijuana. That means the sports betting odds for recreational use in Colorado are very favorable. If voters in Colorado decide to legalize marijuana, they may very well increase sports betting odds in the Centennial State. Plus, they will also create an entirely new revenue stream for the state by taxing sales of recreational marijuana.

If legalized marijuana in Colorado causes an influx of cash that’s enough to start a new industry, what’s to say that recreational use of pot will lead to increased sports betting odds? That would be crazy. But it would be interesting to see how that might play out, especially since it looks like recreational use of pot may become widespread sooner rather than later in the United States.

Colorado is already home to several well-known gambling establishments, including the state-owned Horseshoe Inn in Northglinton. There are several gaming establishments in Vail, including the Black Mountain Casino Hotel Casino and Spa and the Silverthorn Casino. It appears as though gaming may be one of the strongest influences in the decision for sports betting legalization in Colorado. Gambling has long been a huge part of the American tradition. In fact, the very first casino was built in the year 1898 on what is now known as Pikes Peak. Many of the world’s most prominent gamblers reside in or near Denver.

As for Steve Sands, the owner of the Colorado Springs Casinos, he told Sportsradio how he’s been hearing rumblings from some officials in California’s L.A. Area regarding the possibility of legalized sports betting in that area. The sportsbook that Sands owns has a deal with the California State Athletic Commission, which allows them to run sportsbooks in that area. The thought was that it could be the beginning of a new war between the two gambling establishments, but Sands says that there is no such thing planned. He tells the hosts of the Sportsradio show that he’s not trying to “compete” with them, but instead wants to continue offering his customers “the very best experience possible.” So far, no complaints have been filed with the California State Athletic Commission.

So where does all of this leave Colorado residents interested in sports betting? Online sports betting websites and retailers haven’t picked up much of a lead since the legalization measure was passed. The leading website, Betfair, has said that it will review its decision at sometime in the future. Additionally, the leading online sportsbooks, who are in Las Vegas, haven’t made any announcements regarding whether they will allow clients from Colorado to place bets on any type of sporting event held in their state. The two leading sportsbooks in Las Vegas have said they will still promote sports betting across the state. However, they have yet to announce any plans to do so.

If you’re a Colorado resident and interested in placing sports bets, you should definitely take a look at the new apps that the two leading online bookmakers, Coral Gables Sportsbook and Full Tilt, have developed for their respective platforms. The betmonarch app will allow any customer with an iPhone or iPad to view live games, view player statistics, and add friends who are also sports enthusiasts. Users can even create a draft and place bet accordingly. The entire app is designed for its users to be able to fully enjoy their gambling experience and looks great on both the iPhone and iPad devices. The full tilt app gives users a simple and easy interface, which makes it easier than ever before to place sports bets.

Betmonarch App – New Programming Interface Brings Online Sports Betting to the State of Colorado